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Organization Name Sadayanodai Ilaignar Narpani Mandram (SINAM)
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Social MissionSINAM’s Vision: To Reduction of the gap between rich and poor with social justice and establishment of the harmonious society where the people are free from poverty, hunger, diseases and injustice. People are the subjects and partners in Development. SINAM’s Mission is To develop the oppressed and down trodden community through their own full participation and social action programme for the achievement of their livelihood, social security human rights, gender equity and solidarity for their sustainable development
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Achievement/Result12465 Community based rehabilitation (CBR) for the persons with disabilities supported - 158 No of Villages covered by CBR Services - 14680 Identified through CBR Camp programs - 8940 Disabled mainstreamed on primary services - 9600 PWDs obtained Structural benefit throu’ CBR - 523 mainstreamed with referral services - 3972 Disabled engaged in Follow up services - SINAM is a pioneer in CBR Program for Disabled welfare in the District for the past 25 years - 2784 Number of Disabled obtained Skill Training - 1500 Disabled facilitated by Micro Credit / Start up Loans - 1465 Establishing Disabled Lead Enterprises / IGP Units - 158 No. of CDF facilitated the Foundation Course - 956 PWDs benefited by Job placements / Recruitments - 650 Dalit Children supported on Supplementary Education through Evening Tuition Center - 850 students obtained Educational support services - 258 Environmental awareness programme conducted - 124 Health Camps were conducted - 3642 Counseling for deserted / abundant women under Family Counselling Center FCC - 6358 Women development through self help groups and micro credit. -
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