Workability Asia

Workability Asia (WAsia) was created in 2004 as a regional group of Workability International (WI) that WI was created in 1987.

WAsia is the network of disability organizations who provide work and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Asia.


Workability Asia Conference: Holding annual conference and Annual General Meeting in one member organization as the host country

News contents are regional and international topics with regard to disability, work and employment, domestic reports, members’ update, conference and meeting announcements



  Service providers and disability organizations who have been working for work and employment of people with disabilities in Asia participated the international organization, Workability International, and created Workability Asia (WAsia) as its regional group in       2004. The first conference of WAsia was held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2006.

  Workability International (WI) is the world’s largest body representing providers of work and employment services to Persons with disabilities. More than 3 million persons with disabilities are engaged in work programs delivered by its 70 member organizations in     Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

  In the Year 2008 when WI’s Annual Conference was held in Sapporo, Japan, it was a re-starting point for Workability Asia. Persons from key organizations recognized the important role of a disability employment network in Asia.

  New Board of Directors were elected in the Annual General Meeting in Manila, Philippines in 2009 and they have started to work on reviewing and discussing about its structure, membership, finance and activities to make a network more viable and sustainable.

  Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting have been held in different countries or areas by the hosting of member organizations.

  Within the framework of this momentum, the number of member organizations has increased and it has 36 organizations as of 1st June 2014 in 12 countries/areas such as Bangladesh, Hong Kong (China) , India, Japan, Macau (China), Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan,     Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.

  United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific reported that around 650 million persons with disabilities live in Asia and the Pacific. This is nearly two-thirds of world’s population of persons with disabilities. Most live in poverty and have     less economic participation and hence are disproportionately poorer than persons without disabilities. Job and employment is one of the best means of overcoming poverty.

  Members of Workability Asia therefore make their best effort to secure the right to work for persons with disabilities, to create opportunities of gainful employment in respective countries/areas.



  1. To expand and strengthen member organizations in coverage of Asia
  2. To coordinate with International Networks
  3. To exchange of knowledge and mutual support of the member organizations and International networks mainly to develop personnel and give support for initiation of laws, policies, guidelines plans or good case-studies for generating jobs and promoting employments for Persons with disabilities.


 Believe in potential, worth, rights and human dignity of Persons with Disabilities. Mutual support of one and another on an equal basis for creating employments, will lead to independent living with happiness.


 Being a leading organization building cooperation among member organizations and International networks for developing potential of member organizations in generating jobs and promoting decent work for Persons with disabilities in Asia.


 “Annual Conference”

 Holding a conference once a year in countries/areas in turn by a hosting of member organizations. Conference is open to both members and non-members. Updated information and good practices on promoting work and employment of persons with disabilities are   introduced and shared among participants. Holding conference attracts a lot of attention on work and employment of persons with disabilities to people of hosting country and area.

 During the conference the Annual General Meeting is scheduled which is for members’participation.

 “Knowledge Sharing”

 Issue newsletters several times a year and deliver to members and non-members as well.

 News contents are regional and international topics with regard to disability, work and employment in particular, domestic reports, members’ update, conference or meeting announcements, etc.

 “Exchange Program”

 Coordinate study visits or staff training programs among members in specific themes on work and employment of persons with disabilities so as to develop their knowledge and skills.

 “Study and Research”

 Conduct study and research on governments’ policies, innovative initiatives by private sectors, etc. in promoting work and employment opportunities of persons with disabilities in Asian region and return its outcome to members and non-members as well.


 Have close relations with regional and international organizations, both governmental and non-governmental bodies, who actively contribute to solve a range of problems preventing social inclusion of persons with disabilities especially in the area of work and   employment.