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Thailand is the host of Workability Asia Conference 2015 Lead by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security cooperate with the private part to sustain the Workability Thailand Conference – give a career to Thai disabled, make more business chances and support opening of AEC


The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security by the Department of Empowerment of Person with Disabilities, the Ministry of Labor, the Government Public Relations Department, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities, Patthaya City, NISE Corporation and Workability Thailand (WTH) with first-class business organizations network and related institutes have arranged the seminar to show abilities of disabled to be employed in Asian Class in the name “Workability Asia Conference 2015” on 8 – 10 this July at Hilton Hotel Patthaya under the idea “Together We Can Make the Difference”. So this is the first of Asia to push cooperate in private section to extend limit of business capability by efficient and proficient management in people with disabilities matter (First Business Forum for Competitive Disability Management) and introduce 20 ASIA’s Most admired companies by PWDs Employees.


The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has a policy to create the cooperate with other sections through the conference with committee director of this event that include the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Commerce, Private sector, Education sector, disabled themselves, also support Workability Thailand to provoke 3 crucial topics in helping handicap to be employed to create limit in business ability: 1. Customization Employment Process 2. Encourage Corporate Social Enterprise for community of this group of people and 3. Efficiently Expand the Assistive Technology & Communication to support disabled to be employed

For this seminar, we have many honorable guests; the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security – Mister Vichien Chawalit (นายวิเชียร ชวลิต), President of Stock Market of Thailand – Ph.d. Satit Limpongpan(ดร.สถิตย์ ลิ่มพงศ์พันธุ์), President of Workability International – Mr. Patrick Maher, President of Workability Asia – Mr. Katsunori Fujii, to greeting and give an opening speech for this event and then the congress member who is the female youngest member of the South Australian Legislative Council – Ms. Kelly Vincent, to make a speech to be our inspiration and motivation in case of being the role model of person with disability who is talented and be accepted in social. There are display of 23 academic works from 14 countries all over the world and more than 25 high- class speakers to exchange knowledge in this seminar with over 485 attendees, 185 organizations from 18 nations, also exhibition booths from the public, private sector and SE throughout 28 associations. This event is not only focus on disabled employment in each enterprise follows the quota of 2014 that still lack of hiring in 2,502 company out of 12,431 that cannot abide by the law, but we are trying to reach the market, attention, also full participation from private section as the leader of economy system and employment in country. Moreover this is a significant move of reinforcing disabled to be hired in Thailand by develop many models of working with handicap and it will be beneficial to every sections, especially the private sectors who join in this campaign such as Charoen Pokphand Group, Minor Group, True Corporations Public Company Limited, Premium Group, Denso (Thailand), Tesco Lotus and Siam Commercial Bank.


The Ministry of Labor encourages private section to drive “Declaration of Welcome Disability”, start in Thailand and to be the role model of Asia.

Moreover, the Ministry of Labor cooperated with 6 leaders in private sector which are Thai Chamber of Commerce, The Federation of Thai Industries, Thai Retailers Association, Thai Hotel Association and Thailand Association of Governing of Universities and Colleges, together to announce the Declaration of Welcome Disability to support theory of latency and abilities of disabled and alert an awareness to officers, business partners, customers and communities through the Welcome Disability Mark or Well-D Mark, which Thailand is the role model country in promoting the Well-D Mark between each members in Workability Asia. Then Thai Health Promotion Foundation supports for this campaign and improves it continually by having 14 lead institutes to announce this Declaration of Welcome Disability together to assist handicap, also the public to private sector and education sector;  Srinakharinwirot University,  Ratchasuda College Mahidol University, Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Patthaya City, Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization, Be Times Solutions, Minor Group, Tesco Lotus, FWD Life Insurance, Krungthai-Axa Life Public Company Limited, True Corporation Public Company Limited, MSIG Insurance and Asia Precision Limited Company.

With motivating Welcome Disability Mask campaign in enterprise is still expand to make an awareness to customers and social thoroughly and equally through the Welcome Disability Mark or Well-D Mark. This campaign can be a great image supporter and carry this topic in Thai society to be one which strong enough to change “Disabled… from problem to power”. And the announcement of the Declaration of Welcome Disability has 4 topics; 1.Cultivating Inclusion 2.Promoting Accessibility 3.Creating Inclusive Partnership and 4.Empowering Competitive Employment & Social Entrepreneurship. And this year, we expect that we will have more than 100 private organizations join this campaign to make awareness to our social by using this Welcome Disability Mark or Well-D Mark.

Public, Private and Disabled Sector cooperate in the 3 Win Model in Social Enterprise platform to be the solutions of the lack of disability worker in company and extend chances for business partners with disabled and create the stability in local disabled worker matter.


Another High-light of this event is the grand opening of Workability Thailand as a meeting of entrepreneur who sacrifice themselves to public to create the capability development and giving a position to disabled. Lead by 8 important institutes;   the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities, Be Times Solutions, Siam Nissin, IL Solutions, Foundation for Independent Living of Thai with Disabilities, Kieng Ba Kieng Lai Company, Tan Garment and NISE Corporation to focus on reinforce strength and develop the operation standard of enterprise for social advantage part, for disabled part and for one who is disadvantage part to be the vital key for making chances and integrate cooperation from every sections to manage careers for disabled and  one who is disadvantage stably. By having great 4 obligations as follows;

  1. Awareness & Advocacy
  2. Collaboration & Networking
  3. Business Opportunity
  4. Capacity Building & Support


Workability Thailand (WTH) extremely pays attention to “the enterprise for social advantages” to be the key for disabled’s capacity building by empowering employment and be the medium organization to connect with private sector to make an entrepreneurship in B2B: Business to Business Platform.

1st Win – This idea will be beneficial to the private sector more than pay contribution back to funds method by receiving product back to organization.

2nd Win – Can help supporting Organization’s CSR to improve business ability and disabled institute administration or organization for disabled to change to enterprise for social advantages format.

3rd Win – Responds the government policy, 35th section in topic of hiring management to disabled proper to their needs and expel all obstacles for excess to the enterprise.

WTH also pay attention to connect to the private sector and expand the Well-D Mark and build the SE Model together to create the business chance in markets. Moreover, WTH will use the technology, Digital Market Place, to make an opportunity to penetrate the SME market for making awareness to Thai society.

**************************************************************************************************About Workability

  1. Arranging seminars to exchange knowledge and learn the operations about disabled in each country members in Asia.
  2. Exchanging personnel to observe activities and learn culture and the operation between International and Asian region.
  3. Compiling all knowledge about supporting disabled to have career and hiring disabled in each countries in Asian region.


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